David Work

David Work grew up in the apple orchards of Harvard, Massachusetts and the woods of Vermont, mainly, with some time in The San Francisco Bay Area, Ohio, Virginia and Europe. He received a BA Music Composition from Oberlin College and also carries a degree in Culinary Arts from New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. He currently resides in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York, where he works as a chef, forager and freelance photographer. He is former president of the Mid Hudson Mycological Association.

David says, "I spend as much time in the woods as my work, health and schedule allows. Throughout my life I have always absorbed spiritual energy from water, trees and the beauty of organic shapes. In the last 12 years I've developed a fascination with mycology (study of mushrooms) stemming from my lifelong activities in foraging wild edibles. Mushrooms, I find, make wonderful subjects for photographs. Not only do they stay still, but they also come in an enormous variety of sizes shapes and colors and some of them taste really really good. At times they appear extraterrestrial...

My intense interest in mushrooms brought me quickly into the world of macro photography. Frequently the camera actually allows me to see details which i normally wouldn't be able to see with the naked eye. The majority of the photographs of fungi in this gallery were taken with a Sony Cybershot camera with Zeiss lens.

Enjoy the photos. I welcome your input. Leave me your comments in the individual galleries or email me at chefdavidwork@gmail.com

Legal Stuff:

All of the images on this website are the property of David Work and may be used only with my permission.

Please also note that the images of fungi and the associated captions are not intended as identification sources. I identify my source material to the best of my ability which may or may not be accurate. Be sure that you have 100% accuracy in identification before ingesting wild mushrooms.