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David Work Mushroom Photography
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Welcome! You have found David Work Mushroom Photography, your source for downloadable, printed or liscensed mushroom images as well as a place to just come and browse around and celebrate the beauty of fungi!

If you are looking for a particular Genus, Species, Common Name, Attribute (color, scaly, slimy, edible, poisonous, deadly, medicinal, etc) just enter a keyword below and the website will search my galleries for photos with that keyword.

If you are interested in individually or commercially licensing an image, you can do so through the shopping cart, or,if you wish to contact me directly regarding the images on this site, for photography, species-gathering, foraging or culinary services, please email me at and I will respond promptly.

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Please note that the images of fungi in this website are not intended for identification purposes. I have identified the fungi portrayed to the best of my current ability, which may or may not be entirely accurate. If you intend to eat wild mushrooms you should obtain a 100% positive identification before doing so, which usually cannot be made solely from a photo.

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